Cerna Gambar dengan Kata-kata

Official UNEP Tunza Conference 2011 Theme Song – City of Glass

CITY OF GLASS by: Gary Oenawihardja
Tunza Indonesia..going road to Rio+20
And I said to myself
This is such a beautiful world
Since the day that I was born and until now
But lately, as we know
Human never stop sprouting pollution
If this keeps going on then word “beautiful” will be history
Now the world turns into city of glass
When everything got worse and getting more worse
Are we doing nothing?
That’s the question of the day
Get out from the spell and break the glass
Don’t wait for the others, be the first to start
Breathe the world a new life
For the next generation
Heyy..ya..heyy…yo (4x)
Leave a green life and save energy
Protect our forests
“reduce, reuse, and recycle”
Tell your neighbours and friends
Let’s all be the hero of our future..

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